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Labradoodle Ranch NEWS!
As stated on our Home page, we are transitioning "Labradoodle Ranch" to "Doodle Ranch"
We are the same ranch, doing the same work of providing the best Little Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, from our home to your home.
Check out our NEW website at

Labradoodle Ranch was founded in Colorado several years ago
We have since relocated the Ranch to Okemos Michigan (Still doing business from sea to shining sea)
Having stated that
We are looking for Guardians in the Mid-Michigan area.

If you want more information about being a Guardian for one of our fine breeding Doodles please email us and tell us about yourself

Wondering what a Doodle Guardian is?

One of our cornerstone principles is that our Doodles are FAMILY PETS FIRST and Breeding Doodles second. For our breeding program to work as we desire, we need to place some of our breeding dogs with families, in Guardian homes.
We choose breeding Doodles from others or choose breeding-quality puppies from our own to set aside for breeding purposes, but to keep our own home at a manageable size for love and care of the doodles who live with us, we make these selected doodles available to families who are willing to work with us for a specified period of the Doodle's life to provide beautiful Labradoodle or Goldendoodle puppies for many more families.

Here's how it works:
A person or family requests or inquires about being a Guardian in our breeding program. Tell us about you and how a puppy will fit into your life!
We discuss the details, and if both parties are agreeable, we sign the contract with terms specially designed for that dog/puppy, and Voila! A Guardian family is born. The guardian family takes the Doodle home and makes the Doodle a new member of their family to live with them forever.

We at Labradoodle Ranch remain owners of the Guardian Doodle for the terms of the contract with full breeding rights and access to the Doodle for breeding or other Labradoodle Ranch business purposes.
The Guardian takes responsibility for training, grooming, regular veterinary care and feeding.
(We also do some dog-sitting for Guardians when possible!)
When the contract is completed, our Doodle is spayed or neutered, and the Guardian family has a breeding-quality Doodle to have and to hold for the rest of their Doodle's life.

We think it is a "Win - Win" situation!
Perhaps YOU would be interested in being a Guardian for one of these Special doodles?

If you want more information about being a Guardian for one of our fine breeding Doodles please email us and tell us about yourself
It's very important to us that ALL our Doodles are Family Members FIRST and breeding dogs SECOND

Labradoodle Ranch is a member of Goldendoodle Association Of North America

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